Pharmacy Equipments


Abbe Refractometer
Active Response Apparatus
Activity Cage
Adjustable Stand
Advance Rotary Microtome
Aeration Tube
Air Conditioner
Air Curtains
All Glass Distillation Set
Ampule Clarity Test Set
Ampule Filling And Sealing Device
Ampule Washing Device
Analgesiometer Contact Heat Type
Analgesiometer Eddy's Hot Plate Old Model
Analgesiometer Mark Iv
Analgesiometer Tail Flick
Analytical Balances
Analytical Weight Box
Anatomical Specimen
Andresen's Pipette
Antibiotic Zone Reader
Arterial Cannula
Aseptic Cabinet
Atomic Models
Audiogenic Seizure Test Chamber
Audiogenic Test Chamber
Autoclave-Double Chamber
Autoclave-Single Chamber


B P Apparatus
B.O.D. Incubator
Balance For Weighing Small Animals
Balance Torsion Type
Ball Mill, Motor Driven
Battery Eliminator
Benedict Roth Recording Spirometer(Bmr)
Bicycle Ergograph
Binocular Microscope
Blister Pack/Strip Pack Machine
Boss Head
Bottle Filling Machine
Bottle Sealing Machine
Bulk Density Apparatus
Bunsen Burner With Regulating Box


Camera Lucida
Capsule Filling Machine
Car Apparatus
Centrifuge Machine
Chart Cabinet Charts (Pharmacognosy)
Charts Human Physiology
Chemical Balance
Circular Drying Stand
Clarity Test Equipment For Ampuls
Coating Pan
Collapsible Tube Filling Machine
Collapsible Tube Filling Machine
Colony Counter
Columbia Obstruction Box
Compartment Dryer (Tray Drier)
Conical Percolator
Continuance Avoidance Response Test Apparatus
Contraceptive Device
Cook's Pole Climbing
Cork Borers
Cork Boring Machine
Cover Slip
Crimping Machine
Crucibles And Gooch Crucibles (A)
Crucibles And Gooch Crucibles (C)
Cube Mixer (Roto Cube)
Cup Vortex Mixer - Test Tube Mixer
Cylindrical Tank


Dessicators (Soda Glass)-A
Dessicators (Soda Glass)-B
Different Kind Of Levers
Different Kind Of Suppository Moulds
Digital Activity Cage
Digital Activity Cage New Model
Digital Chronoscope
Digital Display Elapsed Time
Digital Display Multiple Choice Apparatus
Digital Display Multiple Choice Apparatus Time
Digital Display Response Time Apparatus Digital
Displayelapsed Time Apparatus
Digital Multiple Choice Apparatus
Digital Spectrophotometer
Digital Steadiness Tester
Disintegration Double Basket
Disintegration Test Apparatus
Disintegrator Test Apparatus Small/Pulverizer Motorised
Dispensing Balance
Dissecting Instrument Box
Dissecting Microscope
Dissecting Surgical Instrument Set
Dissolution Rate Test Apparatus Six Stage
Dissolution Rate Test Apparatus Three Stage
Dissolution Rate Test Apparatus Two Stage
Dissolution Rate Test Appt. Six Stage
Dissolution Rate Test Equipment
Dissolution Six Stage Jar Test Apparatus
Distillation Still
Distillation Still
Double Cone Blender
Double Demonstration Eye Piece
Double Unit Organ Bath
Drop Recording Assembly
Drum Paper Clip
Drum Upright
Dry & Wet Bulb Thermometer


E.C.G. Machine
Eddy's Hot Plate New Model
Electro Convulsometer
Electronic Stimulator
Emulsifier (Homogenizer)
End Runner
Engineering Models
Environment Chamber (Humidity Chamber)
Ergograph Moses
Eye Piece With Pointer


Fibre Glass Models
Filling Machine
Filteration Equipment
First Aid Equipment
Flame Photometer
Flic Fusion Apparatus
Floculator (Jar Test Apparatus)
Fludized Bed Dryer
Fractioning Columns
Friability Single Drum
Friability Test Apparatus
Frog Board
Frontal Writing Lever
Fume Hood


Gas Plant
Gas Tap
Glass Percolators
Granulating Sieves


Haemocytometer Hair Dryer
Hand Centrifugal Machine
Hand Grinding Mill
Hand Refractrometer Erma Japan:
Hand Stabilimeter
Hard Stabilimeter With Led & Buzzer
Hard Stabilimeter With Time & Error Counter
Heating Mantles
Hebb's William's Maze
Histamine Chamber
Histologist Permanent Slides
Hoffman's Screw Clip
Hot Air Sterilizer
Hot Extraction Equipment
Hot Plates
Human Skeleton


Incubator Shaker
Indicator Balance
Industrial Mixing Stirrer
Ir Moisture Balance


Jumping Box Apparatus


Karl Fischer Apparatus
Kipp's Apparatus (Soda Glass)
Kjeldhal Distillation Unit
Kymograph Papers


Lab Centrifuge With Tachometer
Lab. System Analyser
Laboratory Jack Box Type
Laminar Air Flow Bench
Large Adjustable Stand
Leak Testing Equipment For Strips
Lipstic Mould
Long Paper Extension
Long Paper Smoker & Varnisher
Lovibond Colour Comparator
Lozenges Board Roller And Punch


Magnetic Stirrer
Manmalian Heart
Mechanical Flask Shaker
Mechanical Stirrer (Laboratory Stirrer)
Medical Microscope With Oil Immersion
Melting Point Apparatus
Membrane Filter Holder (S.S.)
Mettler Balance (Imported)
Microkjeldhal Digestion And Distillation Unit
Micrometer Screw Gauge
Micrometers Eye Piece
Millipore Filter Holder Assembly
Mixing Vat With Stirrer
Models (Pharmacognosy)
Modern Operation Table
Molecular Wt.Determination Apparatus
Motor Driven Disintegrator


Nephelo Meters (Turbidity Meters)/p>


Oil Bath Ointment Slabs
Ointment Spatula
Ointment/Cream Filling Machine
Operation Table (Brodie)
Operation Table Large Size
Operation Table Mildsteel
Operation Table Small Frog Board
Operation Table Small Tilt Type
Operattion Table (Rabbit)
Operattion Table (Rat Tilting)
Operattion Table (Small Stainless Steel)
Operattion Table (Small)
Operattion Table (Student Animal Table)
Ostwarlds, Viscometers
Over Head Projector


Package Testing Machine
Paper And Gel Electrophoresis Apparatus
Passive Avoidance Response Apparatus
Pathological Slides
Periodic Table Chart
Permanent Slides (Different Type)
Permanent Slides
Pestile Moulds
Pestle And Mortar (Glass)
Pestle And Mortar (Porcelain)
pH Meter 'Digital
Pharmacognosy Slides
Photo Electric Colorimeter
Photoelectric Colorimeter
Photomicrographic Equipment
Physical Balance
Pill Cutter
Planetary Mixer
Plastic - Animal Cage
Platform Balance
Plus Elevated Maze
Polarimeter (Research Model)
Polarimeter (Student)
Polarising Microscope
Pole Climbing Apparatus
Polishing Pan
Powder Filling And Sealing Machine
Powder Folder / Paper Folder
Precision Melting Point Apparatus
Prescription Balance


Rabbit Cage
Rabbit Holder
Rajor Sharpner
Rat Holder Assembly
Recording Drum
Respiratory Pump
Retort Rings
Rota Rod Apparatus
Rotap Shifter
Rotarod Apparatus
Rotary Vacuum Film Evaporator
Rotational Viscometer


Sand Bath
Screw Clips
Sealing Machine
Senior Rotary Microtome
Serological Water Bath
Sherrington Rotating Drum
Shock Chamber
Shock Generator
Sieves For Powder Shifting
Sieves Shakers (A- Rotap Motorise)
Sieves Shakers (Grytory Motorised)
Sieves Shakers (Hand Operated)
Sigma Blade Mixer With Jacket (Powder Mass Mixer)
Silica Crucible
Simple Levers
Simple Unit Organ Bath
Single (Mono) Unit Organ Bath
Single Pan Balance
Sintered Glass Crucibles
Sintered Glass Funnel With Complete Filtering
Slide Box
Slide Cabinet
Slide Cabinet-Universal
Slide Cabinet(Horizontal Position)
Slide Cabinets (Vertical Position)
Slide Cum Strip Projector
Slide Tray Aluminium


Tablet Coating Pan
Tablet Coating Pan : 12" Dia, Stainless Steel
Tablet Counting Device
Tablet Disintegration Test Apparatus (Single Basket)
Tablet Hardness Tester : Pfizer Type
Tablet Hardness Tester Monsanto Type
Tablet Hardness Tester Monsanto Type
Tablet Hardness Tester Pfizer Type
Tablet Making Machine (Motorised)
Tablet Making Machine (Rotory Multi Station)
Tablet Making Machine Hand Operated
Tablet Triturate Moulds
Thermostatic Bath
Thin Layer Chromatograph Apparatus (T.L.C Kit)
Time Marker
Tincture Press
Tincture Press
Tissue Homogeniser
Tool Box
Top Loading Balance
Tray Dryer
Tripod And Retort Stands (A)
Tripod And Retort Stands (B)
Tripod And Retort Stands ©
Tripod Stand
Tripple Roller Mill
Tube Crimping And Sealing Machine


Vaccum Pump
Varnishing Tray Brass/S.S
Venous Cannula
Vernier Callipers
Viscometer Bath
Volatile Oil Determination Apparatus
Vortex Mixer


Watch Glasses
Water Bath
Water Deionization Apparatus
Water Tap Swan Neck Type
Weight Box (Physical) Tested
Willy Mill
Wrist Action Shaker For Flask


Yerkes Brightness Discrimination Apparatus


Zoology Models (Fibre Glass Model)

  • 8 Liter Bench Autoclave

  • Glove Box

  • Class II Personal Biological Safety Cabinet

  • Refrigerated Centrifuge 15000 RPM Co-using Angle&Swing Rotor

  • Laminar Flow Cabinets & Workstations

  • Fume Cupboards

  • Ductless Fume Cabinets & Fume Hoods

  • Butter Churner

  • Cream Separators 1000 LPH

  • Open Type Round Shaped Cooling Tanks


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